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The Latest Innovations in Acoustical Ceilings and Drywall in Toronto

In the dynamic world of construction, keeping up to date with recent technologies can help you enhance quality, safety and efficiency in your projects. In this blog we are focusing on the latest innovations in drywalls and acoustical ceilings in Toronto, providing modern solutions for your architectural and construction projects.

Innovations in Drywalls: Smart and Sustainable


While revolutionary at their time, old drywall technologies came with limitations. Popular concerns were moisture damage, which could quickly escalate to mold growth, and the lack of fire resistance, which could compromise the integrity and safety of the buildings. However, modern technology has dramatically improved the drawbacks drywalls had in the past revolutionizing the way this material is used in construction projects today.


Smart Dry Wall Systems


These systems represent a great leap in the integration of technology and construction projects. Featuring embedded sensors, smart drywalls are able to monitor structural health, temperature and air quality, which not only enhances energy efficiency but also helps in the early detection of moisture and heat damages.


Enhanced Acoustic Performance


One of the main factors that are taken into consideration in construction projects is acoustic performance. Modern drywalls now provide significant sound insulation, which can benefit both commercial buildings that are looking for a peaceful work environment, as well as homeowners seeking comfort and privacy.


Mold and Fire-Resistant Drywalls


While mold growth and fire hazards were common concerns when drywalls became popular, modern technology has greatly improved drywalls’ resistance and durability. Prioritizing safety, fire-rated drywall systems now offer better technology for protection against fire. Apart from that, modern drywalls have additives in its composition to inhibit mold from growing withing its structure.



3D Printing in Drywall Manufacturing


One of the greatest advantages that modern technology has brought to drywalls is the incorporation of 3D printing in its manufacturing. Allowing for drywalls to be made in odd shapes and intricate designs, this technology has made drywalls significantly more versatile, enhancing architectural possibilities for nonconventional projects.


What is New about Acoustical Ceilings?

Soundproofing has always been a major concern in the construction process of residential and commercial buildings. When it comes to acoustical ceilings, one of the greatest enhancements in soundproofing technology is ACOUSTIVIBE. Produced by Suprema, these anchoring systems are equipped with a rubber insert that better absorbs shocks and vibrations withing the ceiling, greatly enhancing its soundproofing capabilities.

Instead of having metal furrings attached to the wood, they are suspended by ACOUSTIVIBE, allowing the product to manage shocks and shaking noises.


Apart from helping with sound insulation, ACOUSTIVIBE also provides other benefits, such as fast and easy installation as well as compatibility with various decking types. If you are looking for the latest technology in acoustical ceiling, this is definitely an option to consider.



Drywall and Acoustical Ceilings Solutions in GTA


Are you looking for modern architectural solutions in Toronto? Trying to find new technological possibilities of using drywall or acoustical ceilings in your projects? Kuba Construction has got you covered. Offering a wide range of reliable services in the construction sector, we are can here to elevate your space and turn your ideas into reality. Reach out to us!


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