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Kuba Construction provides construction services such as drywall installation and taping in Toronto to the industrial and commercial sectors. When you are dealing with a reputable commercial drywall company in Toronto, such as Kuba Construction, you can be assured that the outcome of your building project will exceed your expectations. The real credit goes to our tradespersons and their experience, making it possible to complete the project within stipulated time and within budget. Kuba Construction’s contractors have over 35 years of experience and provide construction services through all phases of development. It ensures balance and timelines from idea conception to project completion without sacrificing your vision. Let’s meet to review your project.


Premium Drywall and Taping Services

Drywalls are a cheaper alternative to conventional plaster layers. It offers easier customization and a better finish to the surface of your walls and ceilings. Compared to a standard plaster, it can be quickly installed, repaired and replaced. They have added safety features such as fire resistance, making them a better and more functional option.

Taping is the process of joining the different panels of drywall together. Mainly there are two types of tapes used for taping: paper tape and fibreglass mesh tape. Taping is critical as it stops drywall panels from shifting over time, which can mess up the design and the finish. Taping is essential in enhancing the beauty of walls and giving the final finish to drywall. Our taping contractors can provide quality services for your commercial space in Toronto.

We specialize in drywall and taping installation and have years of experience. Our contractors are here to respond to every one of your inquiries regarding how complex it is. Connect with us for a free written estimate. Our drywall company in Toronto has kept ahead of the trends with a key goal of providing clients with unparalleled service.

Why Are Drywall and Taping Important?

Do you know the older lathe and plaster method could at least take a week to complete? With Drywall technology, the work can be done in a few days. Drywall is perhaps one of the most revolutionary innovations in construction history. This flexible construction material allows our team to create arches and endless possibilities for other architectural features. Moreover, they are relatively easier to repair if and when damaged. Our taping company is among the top contractors in the Toronto region.

How is Drywall and Taping Done?

Drywall installation and taping involve a systematic process to ensure a flawless finish and long-lasting results.



The process begins with thorough preparation of the construction area. Our team assesses the space, ensuring proper measurements and identifying any potential challenges.


Proper preparation is fundamental to the success of drywall and taping projects. Before installation, our experts meticulously examine the construction area. This involves assessing the dimensions of the space, identifying potential obstacles, and ensuring that the environment is conducive to the installation process. Adequate preparation sets the stage for a seamless and efficient project execution.


Material Selection

We select high-quality drywall panels suitable for your project's requirements. The choice of drywall thickness and type depends on factors such as structural needs and acoustic considerations.


Choosing the right materials is a critical aspect of drywall installation. Our team carefully selects high-quality drywall panels tailored to the specific requirements of each project. Factors such as structural considerations and acoustic needs influence the choice of drywall thickness and type. This meticulous material selection ensures that the finished product meets both functional and aesthetic expectations.



Our skilled contractors install the drywall panels with precision, ensuring a smooth and even surface. Proper installation is crucial for the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the finished product.


The installation phase is where the project takes shape. Our highly skilled contractors execute the installation with precision, ensuring that each drywall panel is placed accurately. This meticulous approach not only contributes to the overall aesthetics but also plays a crucial role in the durability of the structure. Properly installed drywall sets the foundation for a visually appealing and long-lasting result.



Taping involves the application of tape (either paper or fibreglass mesh tape) to join different drywall panels seamlessly. This step ensures stability and prevents shifting over time, contributing to the overall durability of the structure.


Taping is a critical step in the drywall process, ensuring the seamless integration of individual panels. Whether using paper or fibreglass mesh tape, our experts apply it meticulously to create a cohesive surface. This process is essential for stability, preventing shifts over time that could compromise the structure's integrity. Our commitment to precise taping contributes significantly to the longevity and durability of the finished product.


Finishing Touches

Once the taping is complete, our team applies finishing touches, including sanding and priming, to achieve a polished and professional look. This attention to detail sets our drywall and taping services apart.


The final touches are what elevate the project to perfection. After completing the taping process, our team focuses on refining the surface. This involves meticulous sanding to create a smooth texture and priming to enhance the overall finish. Our dedication to these finishing touches sets our drywall and taping services apart, ensuring a polished and professional result.

Importance of Professional Taping

Professional taping is essential for several reasons:


  • Preventing Shifting: Proper taping prevents drywall panels from shifting over time, maintaining the integrity of the structure and preventing potential damage.

  • The significance of professional taping extends to structural stability. Precise taping ensures that drywall panels remain securely in place, preventing shifts over time. This stability is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the overall structure, safeguarding against potential damage that could arise from movement or settling.

  • Enhancing Aesthetics: Well-executed taping contributes to the overall aesthetics of the space, creating a seamless and visually appealing surface.

  • Aesthetics play a pivotal role in any construction project. Professional taping contributes to the visual appeal of the finished surface by creating a seamless and cohesive look. The absence of visible seams enhances the overall aesthetics of the space, providing a polished and inviting atmosphere.

  • Ensuring Durability: Professional taping increases the durability of the drywall, ensuring that it withstands daily wear and tear, providing a long-lasting solution.

  • Durability is a key consideration in any construction project. Professional taping significantly contributes to the overall durability of the drywall. A precisely taped surface can withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring that the finished product remains resilient and long-lasting.

  • Minimizing Repairs: A professionally taped drywall requires fewer repairs over time, saving both time and maintenance costs.

  • The long-term benefits of professional taping extend to maintenance costs. A meticulously taped drywall surface reduces the need for frequent repairs. This not only saves time but also minimizes maintenance expenses, providing a cost-effective solution for property owners.


At Kuba Construction, our experienced drywall company understands the intricacies of drywall and taping, delivering high-quality results for commercial and industrial spaces in Toronto. Trust us for your unique design requirements, and let's transform your vision into reality.

Lead Line Drywall: What Is It and How Does It Help?

It is the preferred choice for those who want to shield their commercial space from radiation. Usually, medical, dental facilities, laboratories, and industrial buildings choose this type of installation. The process includes laminating lead sheet to drywall using a permanent adhesive which helps shield from X-rays, gamma rays and other forms of radiation. Connect with us if you are looking for a well-reputed and efficient drywall company in Toronto for drywall and taping services projects. Our employees at Kuba Construction manage each project with expert supervision and a consistent focus on quality and detail.

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