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From integrated ceilings to acoustics to light & heavy gauge framing, our team of experts can handle it all!

Dependable Drywall Contractors in Toronto

Often overlooked, drywall is one of the most transformative advances in construction history. The traditional lathe and plaster technique could stretch over a week. Yet, with modern drywall methods, your space can be ready in days. Kuba Construction specializes in large-scale commercial drywall projects, emphasizing major structures such as hospitals, schools, hotels, warehouses, and government buildings. Our team of experts and drywall contractors in Toronto not only understand the construction process but also have years of experience to guarantee that the outcome of your building project will exceed your expectations.


We believe we can accredit our excellent reputation to our tradespersons, their passion and experience. Whatever be the scope and size of your construction job, our team of efficient and knowledgeable employees and contractors makes it possible to complete your project on time and within your budget. This helps us build a trustworthy relationship with our customers. Call us to discuss your building project and request a quote on our services!

Why Choose Kuba Construction?

With an experience of over three decades, Kuba Construction offers a wide range of affordable, reliable, and effective construction services. Our team of experts and drywall contractors in Toronto will take the time to understand your concerns and provide you with all the options and vital information available to make the perfect choice for your needs. Our team will meticulously plan your project to ensure our work meets its maximum potential. We are the top choice in GTA because of the following key points:

We have a dedicated team of professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the drywall industry. Each member is trained to provide top-tier craftsmanship, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and expertise.

The well-being of our employees and clients stands paramount to us. We rigorously adhere to safety standards, frequently updating our protocols and ensuring our job sites remain hazard-free zones.

We employ the latest tools and machinery in our projects by leveraging modern technology. This enhances efficiency and guarantees the highest quality work, streamlining processes while ensuring durability and finesse.

We source only the finest quality materials, ensuring our constructions stand the test of time and reflect true craftsmanship.

Look at our gallery of past projects and contact our drywall contractors in Toronto to get the help you need regarding perfect construction solutions.

Beyond drywall, our versatile team is equipped to handle many construction tasks. Whether it's renovation, remodelling, or building from scratch, we have the expertise to cater to diverse construction needs.

We understand the significance of deadlines, and our team is committed to delivering top-notch services within the stipulated timeframe, ensuring projects progress seamlessly without disruptions.

From the initial consultation to the project's culmination, we prioritize open communication, addressing concerns, and ensuring our clients are informed at every step.


Professional Affiliations

We take the health and safety of our employees seriously and stay up to date with all the safety procedures and guidelines. Our safety policies comply with the guidelines of the Safeline Group.

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Our certified and experienced construction team can help you get reliable services.

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We can help you insulate your commercial building for more comfort.

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We offer various construction services, such as drywall, framing, and more.

Residential Drywall Patching

Types of Drywall

Drywall is a crucial construction material used to create walls and ceilings. While they might look the same from afar, different types of drywall are designed for specific applications. Selecting the right drywall type can significantly affect durability, function, and safety, depending on the application. Here are the important types:

Regular drywall (whiteboard):

The standard and most common type for residential and commercial walls and ceilings.

Green board (moisture-resistant drywall):

Designed for areas with higher humidity levels, such as bathrooms and basements. It's not waterproof but does resist moisture better than regular drywall.

Blue board (veneer plaster base):

Primarily used as a base for veneer plaster, it's known for its water resistance.

Type X (fire-resistant drywall):

Made to slow fire spread, this type contains non-combustible fibres. It's commonly used in garages, apartments, or commercial buildings for its fire-resistant properties.

Purple drywall:

This type offers superior moisture, mould, and mildew resistance, making it suitable for basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Soundproof drywall:

Specially designed to reduce noise transmission, it's ideal for home theatres, bedrooms, and places where noise reduction is a priority.

Paperless drywall:

Instead of paper, it uses a fibreglass mat, reducing the risk of mould growth.

Flexible drywall:

Designed for curved surfaces like archways, this type is thinner and more pliable.

Cement board:

Extremely durable and water-resistant, primarily used as a backing for tile in showers or bathtubs.

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Very Professional and Reliable

Working with Saeed from Kuba Construction was easy and straightforward. Very professional and reliable for commercial drywall needs. Very knowledgeable, fast, and professional work. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

- Kelly A.

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