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Experienced Drywall Contractors in Toronto & the GTA

Construction Services in the GTA

Insured and bonded with over 35 years of experience, Kuba Construction’s technicians are dedicated to translating your ideas into a building that balances budget and timelines without sacrificing the functionality and corporate vision. Whether serving as a commercial or a demolition manager, Kuba Construction offers construction services through all phases of development, from idea conception to project completion.

Kuba Construction partners with a large number of Commercial Contractors, servicing a variety of Commercial Projects.

Our commercial client portfolio includes reputable:

Schools & school boards
Community centres
Building lobbies
Government buildings

We are committed to meeting your objectives in order to become your go-to resource for all your construction needs now and in the future. We treat our customers with honesty and integrity while constantly staying focused on results, value and efficiency. At Kuba Construction, our customers' needs always come first. We are always available to help you with:

Steel stud framing
Drywall installation
Building envelope
Fire systems/ratings

Our Employees’ Health & Safety Is Our Top Priority

The accident rate in the construction industry is more than double of any other sector due to construction sites being high-risk working environments. Working at great heights handling heavy machinery and potentially dangerous building materials poses a significant risk to the safety of the workers. 

Health and safety regulations must be closely followed in the industry to reduce any chance of injury. At Kuba Construction, the health and safety of our workers and everyone else present at our work site is our topmost priority. We follow safety guidelines to prevent any work-related injuries. We are certified by Safeline Group, and our health and safety policy complies with their guidelines

We conduct regular training sessions for our employees and supply chain partners to reduce the risk of accidents and provide a safe working environment where they can work dedicatedly without the fear of mishappenings. We also thoroughly assess all our projects to identify all possible safety hazards and apply necessary control measures to effectively minimize or eliminate the chances of an accident.

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Hire a Skilled Team

Our team of workers can help you complete a commercial drywall project on time and within budget.

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