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Acoustical Ceiling and T-Bar System in Toronto

Do you think your clients find it difficult to cope with the noise level in your meeting room, hotel or any other commercial space you have? Are you looking for quality noise reduction solutions for your commercial space, such as meetings, hotel rooms, or banquet halls? Then there is no better choice than Kuba Construction because we have the right solutions, such as an acoustical ceiling or t-bar system for your space in Toronto.


At Kuba Construction, we specialize in planning and installing leading noise reduction materials. This will result in solving sound issues in any space. Our team of experts will provide you with a great selection of noise-reducing materials at a highly competitive price. Whether you are looking to cut down on disruptive sounds or are interested in setting up a new meeting room for your employees or clients, Kuba Construction is ready to help with the acoustical ceiling and t-bar system in Toronto. Connect with us for us to come up with innovative and cost-effective solutions to all of your noise problems.


What Is an Acoustic Ceiling?

It is a suspended ceiling hung below the structural ceiling. These ceilings help hide the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and plumbing installation from view. Some of its acoustic properties include:

Sound Absorption
Sound reflection
Sound diffusion

How it Will Benefit You?

For meeting rooms, restaurants, banquet halls, or any other commercial space where noise is an issue, an acoustic drop ceiling can help you absorb sound and, at the same time, reduce echo. The t-bar system in Toronto also prevents sound from travelling to adjacent rooms.


Our solutions are directed toward providing quiet and comfort to our clients. We can assist you in finding the most suitable options for your project. Whether you are looking for cost-effective commercial solutions or high-end discreet acoustical treatments, we can help you make the right decision. We have 35 years of experience, making us experts in determining what best fits your needs and budget. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

Why Choose Kuba Construction for your Acoustic Ceiling Needs?

With an experience of over three decades, we provide acoustical materials for commercial and industrial applications that can control echo and reverberation and improve sound isolation.


Kuba Construction is a premier provider of integrated acoustical ceilings in Toronto, including a t-bar system in Toronto. If you have a banquet hall, meeting room, school, restaurant or any commercial space where you want to cut down excessive noise, we have an effective acoustical solution for you. Our team of experts caters to numerous and diverse industries and has experience delivering customized yet effective acoustical solutions. Connect with us if you are looking for superior noise-blocking, sound absorption, or both. Our portfolio includes the best-in-class solutions to fit any budget.

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Acoustical Ceiling Solutions in Toronto

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