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High-Quality Commercial Construction Services in GTA, Ontario

If you are looking for a well-reputed and efficient contractor for commercial construction services in GTA, you have landed at the right place. Kuba Construction manages all projects with expert supervision at all levels with a consistent focus on detail and quality. We strive to limit your stress of working with several subcontractors by handling all services efficiently.


We specialize in:

Light gauge framing
Light gauge framing is used for interior wall partitions. It comes in various shapes, thicknesses, sizes, and finishes. Steel provides better protection than wood walls and aids in fire protection and sound transmission.
We specialize in all types of insulation such as spray foam insulation and insulation batts. We provide effective insulation for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.
Heavy gauge framing
We use structural studs and tracks for floor and ceiling joists, axial load-bearing walls and curtain walls. Our experts choose structural studs and tracks on the basis of the wall and floor thicknesses specified in the building design.
For areas that require noise reduction, we provide expert solutions like acoustic walls and ceiling panel installation. Acoustic ceiling panels are an easy solution for improving the acoustical qualities of any space.
Integrated ceilings
A revolutionary concept to bridge the gap between the ceiling tile, grid, and adjacent products, these are usually pre-engineered components. Our integrated ceiling solutions are faster and easier to install, delivering an improved aesthetic value.
Textured finishes
Our experts are skilled at making the edges and seams smooth and flawless, adding a statement to the overall aesthetics. We excel in durable architectural finishes that provide superior texture and colour to both exterior and interior walls.

Complete Range of Commercial Construction Solutions

Being a reputed name in the industry, we adhere to strict project guidelines and schedules to help our clients in finishing their projects in a stipulated time frame and well within their budgets. We have strict safety guidelines in place to prevent even minor accidents on site. We provide a whole range of commercial services so that you don't have to waste your time looking for multiple subcontractors. Some of the services that we provide are:

Metal stud framing (interior and exterior)
Drywall installation and taping
Drywall sheathing (interior and exterior)
Fire-rated system
Wood and metal blocking
Suspended acoustical and adhesively applied ceilings
Wall and ceiling absorbers and diffusers
Abuse resistance wall and ceiling panels
Curved metal ceilings
Plywood sheathing
Ceiling t bar and acoustical tile systems
Acoustical solutions (fabric covered and site fabricated)
High-level security walls
Linear ceilings (metal and wood)
Metal ceiling tiles
Skylight ceilings
Level 5 finishing
Sound attenuation insulation
Lead-lined installation
Interior gypsum plaster
Thermal batt insulation
Shaft-lined walls
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Experienced Drywall Contractors

Your search for well-trained and experienced drywall contractors ends at Kuba Construction!

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