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What Is Drywall and Why Is It Important?

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Commercial buildings tend to be drafty in the winter and sweltering in the summer. Did you know that drywall can help solve this problem?

Drywall panels are so much more than a finish for the walls and ceilings—it has many benefits that can help improve your new business's location. Our drywall company in Toronto is well-equipped to offer drywall services for commercial construction projects.

So, what is drywall exactly? Why is it so important for the drywall industry? Continue reading to learn why you should hire a drywall installation contractor for your commercial construction needs.

Drywall vs Plaster

Plaster requires a certain amount of skill, and it's challenging to do well.

The plaster gets pasted onto wooden strips (laths) while it's still wet. It has a long waiting period because each layer must dry before applying more. When it hardens, the plaster and wood combination forms the wall and ceilings.

However, it was still the preferred way of doing things for several years after creating what we know as drywall. Drywall was considered a cheapskate way of doing things until World War II caused labour shortages.

In recent years, drywall installation has become a staple in creating walls and ceilings in commercial buildings. It's a quicker and more efficient way to complete the construction process for drywall contractors in Toronto.

Drywall isn't made with water like plaster, so you may wonder how drywall works. Drywall is a type of gypsum sheeting made from a high-grade Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate. It is two paper-like panels filled with fibreglass particles, a plasticizer, and a foaming agent.

Benefits of Drywall

Why is drywall so popular these days? Drywall is a cost-efficient, time saver. What once took several weeks to achieve is now done in just a few days.

Drywall panels are strong and durable even when modified (cut and altered) to fit specific areas. It's easier to install, which also makes it easier to repair.

Drywall is both water-resistant and fire-resistant, making it a clear option for safety. Its water absorption properties help to reduce the chance of mould developing between the drywall and the outer walls. Drywall panels can slow the spread of flames due to their fire-retardant properties.

Its insulation properties make drywall a top contender for commercial construction. It helps to contain heat in the building during the colder months and keeps the heat out in the summer.

What Is Drywall?

So, what is drywall, and why is it important for construction? Drywall is a modern approach to creating walls and ceilings in construction. It's cheaper, safer, and more efficient than plaster once was.

Now that you know why you should use it, you should hire a professional drywall company in Toronto to get the job done. Contact Kuba Construction today for more information on the drywall installation process.


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