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Everything You Need To Know About Textured Wall Finishes

textured finishes

When people think of wall aesthetics, colour is the first thing that comes to mind. While colour is certainly important to your business’s atmosphere, so is texture, which is often overlooked.

If you are looking for textured finishes in Scarborough or the GTA, there are a lot of options to choose from. But it can be difficult to know where to start.

The information below tells you everything you need to know about commercial drywall contracting for textured walls and what advantages they can afford. They are an economical way to bring a different feel to a room and help conceal imperfections in your office.

Advantages of Textured Finishes

There are three main advantages of textured finishes. One is that they add a unique personality and feel to your workspace. They can bring dimensions and depth to a room that is not otherwise possible.

Next, textured finishes serve a practical function by concealing architectural defects. These can include uneven walls or ceilings, damages to surfaces, or general wear and tear.

Last, textured drywall is much more durable than smoother finishes. They are more resistant to minor damage, which can be a huge asset in an office or commercial environment.

Basic Drywall Texture Types

When selecting textured finishes, there are almost endless possibilities. But there are some basic patterns and techniques that are popular choices. (Remember that you can adjust these to suit your unique design tastes and preferences).

“Orange peel” drywall has gentle curves that resemble the surface of an orange. You can select how prominent the extrusions are, from light to medium or heavy.

Popcorn ceilings” became popular during the 1980s but fell out of favour due to the use of asbestos in its application. Since that time, it has reemerged as a popular option. The uneven distribution of its knobbed texture makes it ideal for covering up damage to the existing surface.

A “comb” drywall texture has a series of grooved lines (think of the pattern a dragged comb might create in sand). It is a simple application that creates a smoother, more uniform pattern than some of the other options.

“Stomp brush” drywall texture, also known as “slap brush,” involves dunking a brush in drywall mud and then pressing it against the surface. This method will create random patterns. “Crows feet” drywall uses the same application method but with oval-shaped brushes.

Get Textured Finishes in Scarborough for your Commercial needs

Now that you have an idea of what options you have for textured wall finishes, you can determine which is best for your business. When looking for commercial drywall contractors in Scarborough or the GTA, be sure to find a company that has expertise doing textured finishes. It will ensure that you get the precise aesthetic you’re looking for in your office.

At Kuba Construction, we have more than 35 years of experience in doing high-end commercial drywall. Our technicians are trained and experienced, and we use only the highest quality products. If you are in the market for textured finishes in Scarborough or the greater Toronto area, reach out to us today for pricing or to speak with someone from our team.


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