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What Is a 1-Hour Fire-Rated Wall?

burning fire

Smoke exposure can cause respiratory irritation and worsen asthma. Severe burning can cause bacterial infections as well as bone and joint problems. Fires also cause billions of dollars of property damage to commercial buildings every year.

However, if you equip your buildings with the best fire-rated walls Toronto has, anyone and anything in your facility during a fire will experience far less harm. Read on to learn more about these construction assemblies.

What Are Fire-Rated Walls?

A fire-rated wall is a wall assembly with some degree of fire resistance. To put it another way, it is a type of wall made of fire-resistant materials. The kinds of these materials used in each wall assembly impact the level of fire resistance it has.

How Is Fire Resistance Determined?

Regulatory authorities regularly test different wall assemblies for how long they withstand the damaging effects of fire. Assemblies made of different materials will be set on fire, and researchers will time how long the assembly takes to burn fully. The researchers will then give the assembly a fire rating named after a specific time frame.

What Is a One-Hour Fire-Rated Wall?

An assembly with a forty-five-minute fire rating can last for forty-five minutes until it burns up. Similarly, a thirty-minute fire-rated wall lasts thirty minutes, and a two-hour wall lasts two hours. Thus, a one-hour fire-rated wall will last one hour when it's on fire.

What Are Some Fire Resistant Materials Used in Fire-Rated Walls?

Many walls can have fire-resistant materials added to their structures. For example, wall assemblies made of drywall can include gypsum products to increase the fire rating. These usually fall under the title of Type X drywall.

Why Are Fire-Rated Walls Important?

Fire-rated walls stop the spread of fire throughout a building. This makes it more likely that people will escape a building before the fire harms them. In addition, it gives the firefighters more time to arrive and put out the fire, which can save various kinds of property from damage.

Thus, not only will a building made with fire-rated walls be safer. It can also protect the owner of the building from certain degrees of financial loss.

Give Your Home the Best Fire-Rated Walls Toronto Has With Our Services

In sum, fire-rated walls are specially constructed with various fire-resistant materials. They can stop fire spread for certain time frames depending on their rating. This can save people from injury and property from damage caused by the fire.

After reading this article, do you want to buy fire-rated walls for your Toronto home? If so, Kubo Construction can provide you with the best fire-rated walls Toronto offers. With over 35 years in the business, we're sure to provide you with satisfactory service.

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