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Demystifying Structural Framing: A Closer Look at Toronto's Construction Landscape

Close view of steel structure

Is "green steel" steel made from scrap metal or steel manufactured using renewable energy sources? The correct answer is both. However, there isn't a lot of demand for green or recycled steel.

Most are still dependent on virgin steel, produced by blast furnaces that emit high amounts of carbon. Switching to green steel could lower embodied carbon in a new commercial structure by as much as 70 percent by 2030.

Unless governments step in, though, green steel will continue to be more expensive. That said, if you're curious about recycled steel and structural framing in Toronto, here's what you need to know. 

Steel Framing

Steel is ideal for low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise building projects. It is durable and cost-effective. As the name implies, steel framing refers to building frame systems that use steel beams and columns. 

Structural steel framing is done based on the Canadian Standards Association. This includes the design, fabrication, and erection of steel frames. Conventional framing involves cutting steel and welding on-site to build the final structure.

Meanwhile, bolted steel construction is faster. That's because fabrication and painting can be off-site and bolted in place at the construction site. There's also light gauge steel construction, which is ideal for small buildings. 

More Reasons to Consider Steel Framing

There's a shift in how the construction industry approaches a building's carbon footprint. Previously, the focus was on energy efficiency. It was all about how a structure maintains comfortable indoor temperatures. 

In recent years, attention has turned to construction materials. Are these carbon-intensive or not? This is because building materials account for over 10% of all global emissions.  

Recycled steel, is a green option worth considering. It can help reduce waste and save money, especially when you realize that over 90% of a steel building can be reused or recycled. Also, recycling doesn't make steel less durable, nor does it affect its lifespan. 

Structural Framing in Toronto: "Steel" the Best

Kuba Construction uses steel because it offers almost limitless customization opportunities. Steel is also dimensionally stable, meaning it will not warp, crack, or split upon exposure to the elements. It's non-combustible, which means protection against fire accidents.

Steel buildings are also rot- and pest-resistant. Keep in mind that termite infestations can sometimes cause more harm than storms, floods, and fires). The fact that termites cannot eat steel should be a good enough reason for you to opt for a steel-framed building.

As for maintenance and repair, steel-framed buildings require significantly less maintenance than other framing materials, thanks to their durability and high tensile strength. Of course, the fewer warranty claims and callbacks you make, the better your return on investment (ROI).  

Need Professional Framing and Contractor Services?

Now that you know more about steel frames, do you need a specialist in structural framing in Toronto? Let us help you with your next construction project.

Kuba Construction specializes in steel stud framing. We also offer drywall installation, taping, demolition, and more. To get started on your project, don't forget to fill out our e-form.

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